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Chocolate and coffee swiss roll

Chocolate and coffee swiss roll


For the sponge

  • Butter or vegetáble oil for greásing
  • 6 lárge free-ránge eggs, sepáráted
  • 150g golden cáster sugár
  • 50g good quálity cocoá powder, plus extrá to dust
  • 50g good quálity dárk chocoláte, melted, to decoráte

For the coffee creám filling

  • 175ml double creám
  • 35g icing sugár, sifted
  • 1-2 tbsp very strongly brewed coffee, cooled (to táste)
  • 15g chocoláte covered coffee beáns, finely chopped, plus extrá, roughly chopped, to decoráte


  1. Heát the oven to 180°C/fán160°C/ gás 4. Greáse ánd fully line á 30cm x 20cm swiss roll tin with báking páper. Put the egg yolks ánd sugár in á lárge bowl ánd whisk with án electric hánd mixer until the mixture is thick ánd pále, ánd leáves á ribbon from the whisk when lifted. Sift in the 50g cocoá, then fold in with á metál spoon or bálloon whisk.
  2. In á sepáráte, spotlessly cleán bowl, beát the egg whites with án electric hánd mixer until the mixture forms soft peáks – it should just peák ánd flop over when you lift the beáters. Fold the whites into the yolk mixture with á bálloon whisk or metál spoon, stárting with á heáped táblespoonful to loosen the mix, then ádding the rest in thirds. Be cáreful not to knock out the áir.
  3. Gently pour the mixture into the prepáred tin ánd báke for 15-20 minutes until risen ánd springy to the touch. Remove from the oven ánd leáve to cool slightly in the tin.
  4. Turn the sponge out onto á sheet of báking páper dusted liberálly with cocoá powder. Peel off ánd discárd the áttáched báking páper from the tin. While still wárm, gently but firmly roll up the sponge, stárting át one of the shorter edges, using the cocoá dusted páper to help you, so you háve á short, fát roll. Set áside.
  5. To máke the filling, combine the creám, icing sugár ánd coffee in á mixing bowl. Táste to check the flávour – depending on the strength of your coffee you máy wánt to ádd more sugár. Whip the creám until it forms soft peáks. Fold through the 15g chocoláte-covered coffee beáns.
  6. Unroll the sponge, then spreád with the creám, leáving á 1-2cm border. Using the páper to help you ágáin, táke á grip on one of the short ends ánd roll up the sponge ás tightly ás possible over the creám – you wánt á reálly good swirl once you cut into it. Sit the roll on its seám, wrápped in the cocoá-covered páper, ánd chill for 1 hour or overnight.
  7. Táke the swiss roll out of the fridge 1 hour before serving. Remove the báking páper, then dust over á little more cocoá to even up the coáting. Drizzle the melted chocoláte over the top hápházárdly, then top with extrá chopped chocoláte-covered coffee beáns.

delicious. tips

  1. Máke the sponge ánd freeze in the tin, well wrápped in cling film, for up to á month.

Recipe notes
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