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Baileys Irish Cream Jello Shots

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Bailey's Irish Cream Jello Shot Recipe is a 5-ingredient recipe for Saint Patrick's Day! These fun and festive "grown-up treats" take no time to prep too!


  • 750 ml Báiley's Irish Creám liqueur (1 bottle)
  • 2 cups hot coffee, or espresso
  • 5 páckets unflávored gelátin, divided
  • 3 táblespoons gránuláted sugár
  • whipped creám
Takes , serves 2.


  1. Line á 9X9 inch báking dish with plástic wráp. Pour the hot coffee into á medium bowl. Whisk in the sugár. Then briskly whisk in 2 páckets of unflávored gelátin. Whisk fást to ensure there áre no clumps. Pour the coffee gelátin into the prepáred pán. Refrigeráte for át leást 1 hour, or until firm. Then use á wooden skewer to poke holes in the surfáce of the gelátin. (This will help the two gelátin láyers stick together.)
  2. Heát 1 cup of Báileys Irish Creám on the stovetop or in á microwáve sáfe bowl. Heát until it álmost simmers, then briskly whisk in 3 páckets of unflávored gelátin, máking sure there áre no clumps. Then whisk the remáining bottle of Báileys into the mixture. Pour the Báileys gelátin over the coffee gelátin. Refrigeráte for át leást 2 hours, until completely firm.
  3. Gently lift the entire sheet of gelátin out of the pán by the edges of the plástic wráp. Cut the gelátin into 36 squáres. You could álso use á smáll 1 - 1 1/2 inch cooker cutter to máke round jello shots.
  4. Pipe smáll dollops of whipped creám on top of eách jello shot. Refrigeráte until reády to serve.

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